I want to be a writer

Genre : ,

Author : Himesh Dash

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


I want to be a writer


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Things may be apart, but destiny brings them together. It’s a story of need, friendship, love, goodness, inspiration, and sacrifices. Above all, it’s a story about you. Kabir, a boy from Nagpur. It is his desire to meet his favorite writer, Meera Sharma, for whom he resolved to be a bestseller. Tara, a sweet and simple girl who tries to find out the reasons for her existence after her bizarre road accident. She meets Kabir, and everything changes. Could they succeed or they will perish? Get a pillow and explore their friendship and love which defines their cutest life in the darkest side of the world.

About Author

A simple boy of 17, with a creative mind and extraordinary thoughts, trying to create a realistic world of friendship and love. He wants to be a writer is this debut novel inspired by true events around him.

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