I Had also Loved Someone

Genre : ,

Author : Nitish Raj

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


I Had also Loved Someone


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What an object is this love even? Who will dare to love after being gang-raped by her own prince-charming with his salacious impostors? Niharika Ahuja who has been famous as the “Silent Beauty” of her college sitting in the dingy cell is pondering upon her own actions which led her to the grips of the law and judiciary from the balconies of the college. At the moment when she finds all dreams come true, her whole world shatters in front of her own eyes which will eventually advertise them as “Deadly Duo” along with the unconditional help of her only friend Jasmine Backefield. In his debut novel, Nitish Raj takes you on a roller-coaster ride of romance and thrill which will set you ablaze to think on the piousness and authenticity of this so-called love.

About Author

A voracious reader, keen observer & feminist culminated together defines Nitish Raj. Based in Hyderabad he basically belongs from Bihar. He remained quite a bright student throughout his academic career before dropping his MBA in order to satiate his hunger for writing. Not only is he passionate about writing fiction but also loves to write opinion-editorials and non-fiction articles on social issues related to women empowerment, gender equality, caste system, and social transformation. A firm believer in the serenity of the solemn virtue, he is keen about writing the dark truths of the society which have been sidelined in our quest of happy endings.

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