How I Broke My Heart

A Teenager's Playbook

Genre : ,

Author : Pushkal Sinha

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


How I Broke My Heart


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It is the last year of school for Rishi, who acts like a boy who is not made for relationships. And his friends, Akash and Aditya who are interesting in their own ways. Rishi loves them, and they love him back! After their encounter with some girls at their school and tuition classes, their lives start to get tangled. They try to resist changes until destiny decides otherwise.
The story vividly depicts the life of teenagers in the modern world, in a light-hearted manner, where they have to face fierce competition amidst confusion as they struggle their way out of their studies and everyday life while brooding and whining over their love interests.
Rishi is left dumbstruck on meeting his counterpart love interest. On every meeting with the girl that made him go head over heels, Rishi finds that his feelings for her are genuine and strong, and are getting even stronger. But somewhere forced by his own mindset he feels that he might have to let go of her one day.
As the story unfolds along with a set of rules for chasing crushes, The Playbook as Rishi calls it, curiosity soars about the questions “Will he ever get her?” and “Will he succeed in helping his friends too?”

About Author

Born and brought up in Kanpur, Pushkal Sinha has completed his intermediate from Jagran Public School, Lucknow and is currently pursuing B. Tech from PSIT Kanpur in Computer Science and Engineering. He is a lover of art and appreciates a mere desire to create something within people.
Besides writing through the nights in secret, he also loves playing the guitar sometimes during his free hours. As a voracious reader, he loves reading books about magical realism and science fiction.
He believes in achieving the balance between creative and professional life. With a dream to travel the world and his eyes firmly set on becoming a full-time author, this is his debut novel.

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