Home Calling

Author : Aafiya Saba

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : March 2021


Home Calling


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You know everything in life becomes valuable when you need to adhere to a strict time frame, boundaries, and knowing it needs to end sooner or later. It is sweet and bitter at once. This book will take you on a bitter-sweet something. You will eventually believe that happiness, sadness, and all forms of human emotions come in waves and won’t last forever. Embrace it while you have it.


We often search for a home in things, places, and sometimes even people. I would be wrong if I would define home to you but go read ahead to discover your home.

About the Author

Definitely, she is not the one who is found in a cafe with a mug of warm coffee or a book. She is a sucker for love, video games, stationeries, and creative juices. If you find her looking at you for more than a couple of seconds know that she is probably just zoned out. She is a self-taught artist who believes, if her words can comfort her then it will definitely be a warm blanket to the world. Her self-created illustrations are how she perceives the world. She started her journey in the world of writing with her debut book “”Reminiscence – Love from dusk to dawn



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