Hide & Seek

The Game of Life

Author : Tina Acharya

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Hide & Seek


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There are plentiful people in the world whose accomplishments are incredible, exceeding expectations, and live their lives as role-models to others. And then there are those who do none of those things, yet still make us giggle, are thoughtful and contemplative. They are ordinary people with extraordinary attributes of humanity.
Hide & Seek: The Game of Life is a collection of short stories that touch upon various emotions in life that drive us and engross us throughout our journey. It revolves around people whom I found inspiring, brave, or just funny, though they would never find a place in the history of mankind.

About Author

Tina Acharya is a blogger and an aspiring author. An ex-banker and a fervent socio and political observer, her articles on various online websites and local newspapers have been highly appreciated by readers at large. A student of science, a Post Graduate in Chemistry, a poet at heart, and an amateur photographer, she finds herself at peace with nature. An incorrigible optimist
and a distant dreamer, she loves music, reading books and playing badminton.
Hide & Seek: The Game of Life is her debut book. She can be reached by email at tina_acharya@yahoo.co.in

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