Hey You Rock Buoy, Stop Talks!

Author : Sharang Sasan

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : June 2019


Hey You Rock Buoy, Stop Talks!


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Children are the most important beneficiaries of a good education, yet the ones with the least power to shape it.

Remember what growing up was all about? – Thoughts/events/ the small things that have made up our past?
Well, this book is Jai’s journey through the 90’s – a young boy living in suburban Delhi who starts his life in an elite public school and lands up at the doorstep of Delhi University.

‘DU’ as it is commonly referred to is an amalgamation and a melting pot of so many different cultures. It changes, challenges and totally befuddles the young unsuspecting minds taking their first initial steps into its hallowed corridors.

The confusion, the trials and tribulations experienced by Jai, having seen one world in his school days and a completely different one in Delhi University is our story.

Follow Jai on his journey of discovery, learning, growing up as he breaks the myth surrounding Delhi University. Peppered with humorous anecdotes, observations and insights, Jai draws you into his world as he goes about trying to understand this mystery called Life.

About Author

The author of this book isn’t a New York Times best selling author yet, let’s hope he makes it before newspapers as we know it completely disappear!
He is as confused as the main character in his debut novel, but he found an interesting way to tackle his confusion by writing the book you hold in your hands.

To confuse matters more, Sharang is also a musician and songwriter and has recorded two albums with his band The Identity Crisis. The band has performed concerts across the major metros in India and you can find their music on ITunes and Spotify. Their videos are on YouTube and have been featured on MTV and VH1.
You could visit them at www.theidentitycrisis.net should you wish to know more.

Sharang has also written a book of poems which is currently lurking about in the shadows and which he hopes to publish soon. Currently pursuing his Masters in London, he says the second book is writing itself.

For all updates, you can follow the author on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Twitter: Sharangsince91
Instagram: sharangsasan

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