Heroes of Wars

Men From The Future

Author : Virat Vilas Pawar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 01-09-2019


Heroes of Wars


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Inspired by the greatest epic the world has ever known, comes the dystopian sci-fl thriller “Heroes of Wars” .

Where a God from the past travels to the future, to ask for a favor from its own final incarnation.

Summoning 5 Super Warriors from the future, to win a war that could forever change the course of history.

A War against 100 Princes; A War against Adharma.

It is the beginning of a war;

anachronistic-technology against the primitive.

Primitive beings who know more than fighting With just weapons.

About Author

Virat Vilas Pawar born 15th July 1995 is a BMM graduate and currently pursuing law. Virat is a true passionate millennial who believes in expanding his horizons. This multitasker also runs a Digitial Marketing Agency called Epitome Media And Management.
A sci-fi buff since childhood, he put his passion into words and Heroes of Wars- Men From the Future was born. A rare combination of Mythology and science fiction, a story heavily inspired by the greatest epic- Mahabharat.
He plans to turn this into a trilogy and give India something new and exciting!
You can connect with him on –
Email : viratpawar10@gmail.com
Instagram : viratvilaspawar.docx

Dimensions 5.5 × 8.5 in









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