Happiness 24/7

Constant Happiness Blended with Simple Spirituality

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Author : Om Praksh Nemani

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Happiness 24/7


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This book is dedicated to those who are interested in altering life to attain bliss and happiness. I am one of you belonging to a business family living with three generations together. I have experienced various aspects of life working in multiple fields of activities throughout life.

Recently, with the blessings of my Guru Sadhguru Sri Ramesh Ji of Poorna Ananda Ashram Hyderabad I got realization that even, while, living in the family performing all social, economic and family obligations we can adopt spiritual practices and mould ourselves in such a way where we can be the masters of our emotions and Virtues.

Through this book I am trying to share my experiences to bring out the changes in our response to any behaviour which we receive from others. I feel it will help you to know yourself better who is a PURE SOUL, FULL OF PEACE, and LOVE with DIVINE ENERGY in a HEALTHY BODY. I assure you can change your any habit by just deciding not only wishing, committing not only trying and taking full responsibility not only hoping of the result.

About Author

Om Prakash Nemani was born on 5th September 1936, in Kanpur and is a graduate in commerce. He graduated from Lucknow University. He was awarded Gold Medal and Chancellor’s Medal by Shri V.V. Giri. Former President of India. He started his career as a Probationary officer in State Bank of India. He left the job after five years of service and started his own manufacturing unit. He is widely travelled and has vast experience of various fields of business.Since last 3 years he has come in touch with Sadhguru Rameshji and is moving ahead on his journey on the path of spirituality. Nemani considers him a common man just like you. He is keen and eager to explore and unlock the secrets of constant happiness. He can be reached via his face book page or via email at ompnem@gmail.com.

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