Growing Up

A book of poems

Genre : ,

Author : Ruhee Advani

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Growing Up


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Growing Up is a collection of poems that the author wrote during her growing years, her years of adolescence. As such they reflect all the agony and ecstasy of growing up. The pain and pleasure, joy and confusion, light and darkness of the teenage years are beautifully and poignantly expressed in this collection of poetry that will find resonance with everyone who has found growing up just a little bit difficult at times. ‘Nirvana for Dummies’, while covering the breadth of Yoga-science, strives to remove mysticism, misconceptions and jargon! It connects Yoga principles to modern science. It provides the foundation of positive psychology and logic to Yoga practices. It shows how to adapt these principles and practices to your daily routine.

About Author

Ruhee Advani is 30 years old, born and brought up in Bombay India and writes because writing is her passion, hobby, therapy and survival tool all rolled into one. She began writing at the tender age of eight and hasn’t stopped ever since. Apart from writing, Ruhee is into music, theatre, movies, science, sunshine, sports and basically everything that gleams with life. A lover and liver of life, Ruhee loves to do the occasional nothing. Poetry according to Ruhee is music in prose and she is grateful that poetry comes naturally to her. Growing Up is her very first collection of poems published.

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