Hilarious Short Story Collections for the Indian soul

Author : Shiva Shankar Iyer

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018




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Girls, in general, expect a lot from guys. He should be tall, dark, sweet and comforting.
Sweet and Comforting?
Attention all Ladies: Do you want a boyfriend or a Cadbury Silk? (an extract from the story “Finding a Girlfriend” from this book)
Quirky, funny and intelligent. #GoodForNothingNalayak is a collection of short stories written to add a smile on the face of anyone who reads this book. If you didn’t smile, buy the author’s next book. In India, parents keep reminding their children on how they would end up working as laborers laying bricks for a house or raising cattle in the fields – if they do not study well. Children are reprimanded by their elders as “Good for Nothing” or Nalayak (unworthy in Hindi) most of the time. The author has written these stories as a true and upcoming Nalayak, so he hopes to live up to that reputation.

Accolades for the book:

“Unputdownable,” – Mom

“Humourous…..has all the right ingredients of a bestseller,” – Dad

“Finished the book in less than an hour,” – Brother (biggest Nalayak)

“Thought-provoking humor at its best!” – Friend 1 (bribed him for Rs.50)

“I saw myself in these stories….very relatable!” – Friend 2 (gave a review for free)”

About Author

Shiva Shankar Iyer is currently pursuing his second year of Engineering from The National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru (Mysore) in Karnataka. His work has been published twice in Young World – the supplement for youngsters from The Hindu, a leading national daily. He has been dabbling in writing since the past 5 years.
In addition to writing humour based content, his work has been published on technical topics such as Digilocker and Self Driving Cars.
He has sailed through 12th standard with decent marks to keep pestering relatives at bay. Apart from writing, Shiva has won medals at National Level Abacus Competitions and is an avid fan of debating and public speaking.

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