God Needs Us – An Atheist’s Experience

Author : Deepika Manju Singh

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : September 2021


God Needs Us – An Atheist’s Experience


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A successful, ruthless businessman, Amar ends his life to reunite with his beloved in the afterlife. He, an atheist, believed his devout God-loving beloved Sakshi will be in the care of God and is determined to find her again. The journey in the afterlife world is a cascade of tribulations and revelations that hit him to the core. In his search, he finally recognises God’s pride, strength, beloved, wisdom, glory, most beautiful creation and reincarnation on Earth. Facing against ungodly forces, he takes a stand. A man with the ability to always get what he wants on Earth rebuilds himself in the face of harsh truths and realises the reality of this universe, “God needs us.”
A swaying journey to realise the big picture from God’s perspective. A book to answer all questions forever unasked, revealing a reality never acknowledged. A voyage to re-recognise kindness and humanity.



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