Friends, Relatives and Love

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Author : Dr. Altaf Q. H. Badar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017




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The world is progressing at a very rapid pace and relations are losing their values at the same rate. Different kinds of relations are being created, whose limitations and boundaries are never followed properly. Man is becoming more materialistic, and his compassion for a fellow human is diminishing. Today, we need to balance the invasion of technology in our lives with the social values that we carry. We also need to understand the clear line between what is wrong and what is right. A person needs to empathize with the other person to really carry forward relation between them. Also, it is very necessary to express our feelings to our near and dear ones, to avoid any misunderstandings from creeping up.

About Author

The author has been a member of the academic community for more than 16 years. He has been teaching as an Assistant Professor at Anjuman College of Engg and Tech, Nagpur. His teaching areas include Electrical Engineering and computer programming languages. He has completed his Ph.D. from VNIT, Nagpur. He has been a member of Board of Studies at YCCE and RTMNU. He has also delivered various expert lectures at a number of avenues and chaired a couple of international conferences. On the literary front, he has knowledge of about 7 languages. He also has a part-time hobby of writing poems and stories. The author is a member of Mahdi Bagh Institutions, Nagpur. He can be reached through his email –

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