Footnotes of History

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Author : A Tale of the Mahabharata

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : September 2020


Footnotes of History


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Footnotes of History: A Tale of the Mahabharata deals with relatively select unknown episodes and characters that have been consigned as veritable” footnotes” in the critical reception of the epic. It is a narrative poem in 5 parts and seeks to chronicle those episodes and characters who have been treated as minor or of lesser importance in the epic, though some well-known characters with their relatively unknown tales also feature in it.

About the Author

Arnab Chatterjee is interested in Indian history, archaeology, mythology, cultural studies, et al., to name a few, and has a wide array of interests. He has penned over ten volumes of poetry and written short stories, plays, critical essays, a travelogue, a novel, and monographs, some of which await publication. Having taught at colleges and universities in India for over twelve years, presently he is engaged in a self-imposed, non-funded project on the recent trends in the study of the Indus Valley Civilization and its enigmatic, undeciphered script. He loves travelling, reading, exploring, teaching and is active on social media, maintaining his own Facebook book blog “Poetry, Drama, Fiction” (PDF).



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