Fireflies in the Backyard

Short Story Collections

Genre : ,

Author : Pranjal Hazarika

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Fireflies in the Backyard


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Minoti dreamt of a loving husband. But, battered and violated by her husband, Minoti would occasionally spend hours gazing at fireflies in the backyard…. Jisnu’s father planned to sell off the poultry fowls due to rumours of an epidemic outbreak. Jisnu saves one fowl from being sold but is he fully successful? An old Phallus shaped stone structure gets unearthed by Aslam Mian in Bonjuli. This leads to a chain of events that transforms the villagers… Jeenu came to spend a few days in Rubul’s house during his summer vacations to enjoy the village life instead, he experiences something else in the dark of the night. Naina meets a Charming boy Vishal in college. She falls in love and develops trust. Does Vishal break her trust? Supriya eloped with Bhaskar a few years back and her family broke all ties. But Supriya longed to get accepted back by them… Sujoy adored Abhimanyu as ‘Mr Popular’ from school days. Years later, Sujoy meets Abhimanyu. Does Abhimanyu retain the same old charm? Arun met Meghna in the US and love blossomed. Meghna marries someone else. After a few years, she contacts Arun. How does he react? A truck driver loved his newly wedded beautiful wife. He remains away from home for months leaving his wife at home. During an unplanned visit home, he witnesses something shocking. On a vacation stay, Neel finds that his friend and his wife have a workable and practical approach to their marriage. Manjusha, a PhD student fall in love with her professor, Robert. But when Robert’s ex-flame comes into their life, what happens? Fireflies in the Backyard is a collection of short stories with vivid shades of emotions associated with relationships and twists and turns that are associated with it.

About Author

Pranjal Hazarika is a Civil servant serving in Government of Delhi presently. His ancestral lineage is from Assam.
In his early life, Pranjal had stayed in places like Pasighat and Nampong in Arunachal Pradesh where his father, a Doctor was posted. Thereafter, he grew up in the metropolitan city of Delhi after shifting to Delhi in 1984. He completed his schooling in Delhi, followed by Graduation and Post Graduation from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. Thereafter, he obtained his Doctorate degree from the Department of Genetics, South Campus, University of Delhi. He got selected to Government Service through the Civil Services Examination in 2006. He also did research as a postdoctoral fellow in the USA during 2009-2010.

Living in different places like Arunachal Pradesh, Delhi, USA has enriched Pranjal with verdant and vibrant experiences and observations which have found space in his short stories. His stories are based on human relationships and shades of emotions – love, friendship, empathy, malevolence, passion, betrayal, joy, sadness and so on and the twists and turns that are associated with it. This collection of short stories is his first published work.

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