Feelings Undefined : The Charm of the Unsaid

Author : Amogh Tiwari, Abhysheq Shukla,

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : December 2019


Feelings Undefined : The Charm of the Unsaid


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Feeling’s Undefined is a collection of miniature stories on various aspects of life.It may take you to a roller coaster ride & you may feel Exulansis (Emotions You’ve Felt, But Couldn’t Explain).It evokes different emotions and the book has the power to make you laugh, cry and think; all at the same time.

Ineffable is often used to describe words/emotions which are incapable of being fully expressed verbally; Because it is either beautifully indescribable or terribly unspeakable.

We all love stories – to narrate and hear! Here are some Ineffable’s (really short), which will touch your hearts and you wouldn’t mind reading them again. They are stories of a thousand emotions packed in just a few words. Read, enjoy and share!

About Author

Abhysheq Shukla is an International speaker, Author, Political Consultant, Educationist, Business Advisor & Mentor who has been an inspiring support for schools, colleges, individuals, and corporations. He guides, coaches and facilitates the personal and spiritual development of people in communities and companies. As a consultant, he brings together the three key strands of the 21st century; spiritual/emotional intelligence; management/leadership development and continuous ‘unlearning’. He is now helping people to bring a value-based approach to business, living and learning. With his keen sense of humour and flair for motivating listeners, countless people continue to benefit from Abhysheq work. He has worked in education, training, and the human resource industry and is an expert in branding, coaching, counselling, education-related project management, conceptualizing the product and marketing strategies for education, as well as training. He often quotes Author, Political Consultant, Educationist, Business Advisor & Mentor all are just tags for me because I believe I am just a learner who keep on learning new things every day.

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