Eyes of the Mind and Other Stories

Author : Vinita Chopra

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2019


Eyes of the Mind and Other Stories


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The author, on the one hand, has written simple yet thought-provoking stories about minor turbulences in the work-life balance of working women, and on the other, has given a heart-rending account of those who had to sacrifice their personal needs and aspirations for the sake of others. An empathetic connection with those, who are physically challenged, has been established in two of the stories. Some stories, written in the backdrop of the lives of civil servants, make an interesting and informative reading.
Poor girl was swinging in the pendulum of hope and expectations on one end to disappointments and rejections on the other. It seemed nobody cared for her feelings. She was unable to gauge
her own mother’s intentions. I, as an outsider, felt that there were some selfish and ulterior motives behind the seemingly genuine failures of the sincere attempts to get her married.
They do not know how a zebra is different from a giraffe. They have not seen the hues of nature. How green is the green of the leaves and what it is like when the leaves turn yellow in autumn! They have not seen the radiance of the rising sun or the glow of the full moon. They have not experienced the pleasure of seeing the gigantic mountains or the vast oceans or the meandering clouds.

About Author

Ms Vinita Chopra belongs to the 1975 batch of the Indian Revenue Service. Academically she is an architect, having graduated from the renowned School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. But with the vision of a larger canvas to write her role on, she joined one of the premier Civil Services of the country.
Ms Chopra retired from the post of Director General of Income Tax in August 2009. She had the good fortune of very intensive and extensive involvement with income tax investigations during her 34 years long journey in the service. This exposure has greatly influenced her writings also. Sounds like fiction but it is true. Ms Chopra is now actively associated with her son, Siddharth Chopra’s enterprise, which is engaged in the business of designing and producing kids’ clothing under its own brand ‘Caca Cina’.
Her debut book titled They May Catch You! in the non-fiction category, was published by M/s Vision Books in 2012. The book, which was aimed at sensitising and educating the lay public, and demystifying income tax investigations, has been a big success. Besides the Side Effects!, her second book, is a novel, in which the endeavours of an investigating officer of the income tax department unravel a financial scam, which in turn leads to the discovery of an unholy nexus between the political, bureaucratic set-up and a pseudo-spiritual guru. The book was published by Notion Press in 2014. Eyes of the Mind and Other Stories, her third book, is a compilation of 14 short stories, deftly crafted by the author. The intense, sensitive and thought-provoking stories cover a wide range of social and other issues. Diverse dimensions of the lives of fellow human beings have been portrayed through these stories.

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