Extra Ordinary

Genre :

Author : Sailee Tiwari

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : January 2021


Extra Ordinary


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Each drop of water in a river, star in a galaxy, a leaf in a tree, a cell in a body holds importance. In the same way, the book highlights the stories of twelve ordinary people with a tinge of an ‘out of ordinary’ or ‘unusual’ in their lives. A thought can change perspective, affect decisions and determine the outcome of every situation. The book emphasizes vivid thoughts, feelings, and life experiences with which a reader can relate, and which instigate many questions in mind.

About the Author

Sailee is a software test lead with 9 years of experience in the Information Technology sector. She is active in various writing applications and has contributed to more than 10 published anthology books. She is expressive and her style of writing is heart-warming and elegant. She is a keen and passionate writer, adores writing poems, quotes, and stories. Her affinity for writing started way back when she was a teenager and was also an avid reader. She can make a reader traverse through various emotions in a short interval. Besides writing, she cherishes art, jewelry design, and handicrafts. She also likes to travel while indulging in nature and street photography.



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