Genre : ,

Author : Subhasis Banerjee

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018




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Barnali is a young, urban woman rocked by a perilous marriage. Her arranged marriage with Sandip, a garment exporter, heralds a series of diabolic predicaments in her life. Within months of her matrimony, she finds herself married to a perverted lecher. Being a very decent woman, she tries every trick in the book to tame her husband’s morals but with his utter recalcitrance, all her propitiations of salvaging the marriage appear futile. In the meantime, her purchased book gets inadvertently altered at the counter of a city book store one day. A day later, she fortuitously bumps into Chinmoy – the prodigious grandson of a colossal grandfather – the man with whom her book got altered, and thenceforth, her life incredibly starts coursing towards an intriguing destiny.
On the other hand, Palash, a Divisional Forest Officer, has to take care of a strange family which comes to stay for a vacation in a forest bungalow within his jurisdiction as his boss’s guests. But the rune of the pristine forests and the conjuration of both Palash and his boss’s guests invoke an enigmatic tale of double incantation.

About Author

The author is an interior designer and a freelance nature and wildlife photographer by profession. Enamoured is his first novel.

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