Genre :

Author : Sumathi Kulkarni

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : October 2020




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As the title reflects, this non-fiction book penned by Sumathi Kulkarni is an expression of thoughts and ideas mirroring the environment and our experiences. They are universal in nature and represent an outpouring of emotions, thoughts, facts and sensitivities at different levels. The author talks about simplicity of children and education in contrast to the present complex system that complicates a child’s mind. She also reflects the practical importance of English as a global language. The idea is to empower teachers frequently with introduction of skills through workshops as reinforcement as well as strengthen and refine the skills of the teacher community.

About the Author

“I am a teacher with more than 25 years of teaching experience, with
a Post Graduate degree in English, a PG teaching certificate and a PG
diploma in teaching English from EFLU (English and Foreign Languages
A few of my write ups have been published in News papers, Femina,
Frozen Thoughts and a couple of Defence Magazines.
I am from a defence background with my husband just retired as a
colonel. I have a married daughter working at Benguluru.
I have about 38 topics written for my book which include essays,
narratives, imaginative, poems, factual etc and was a collection under the
title “Bouquet of Brainwaves” published in 2013.
My second book is “A Tale of Two Dogs in STRING OF PEARLS”
was a collection of poems published in 2017.
This is my third book dedicated to the noble profession of teaching
and the makers of human beings out of naive and youthful children. It deals
with child centred education to begin with, extending to application of
Information and Communication Technology and bringing in the essential
role of Creativity, Value based Approach and Constructive Deviation in
dealing with application of comprehensive teaching in the Education







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