A Pursuit of Emotions and Creativity

Genre :

Author : Belly Kanungo

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018




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“Let your creativity flow happily in various directions to create an ultimate masterpiece of your own choice.”
Emotivity will not just talk about people in creative professions, but also about all those who are creative in general, who think differently from the methodical norms of life and who want to be better with each learning experience of life.
Emotivity will be a book for all those who are over thinkers; who are trying to know what they are meant to be but have not realized it yet.
Emotivity will be a book for those who are driven by passion.
Emotivity will act as a tool to rescue the creative minds from the vicious circle that they find themselves trapped in whilst battling with emotions such as fear, anger, unhappiness, and so on.
Emotivity targets to help the naturally talented minds that possess creative skills like painting, dancing, acting, writing, singing and so on, but are unaware of the art of tackling the emotional and social barriers that their creative melancholic side reconciles with.

About Author

Belly Kanungo, an ex-Radio Jockey, Show Producer, Columnist and a present-day iconic Food Blogger & Youtube Vlogger, takes the leap to accomplish her vision of inspiring others by bringing out the emotional experiences, which not only carved her creative life but also made her what she is today.

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