Embracing Epiphany Moment

Making life easy

Genre : ,

Author : Ajit Nair

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Embracing Epiphany Moment


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A set of short stories from real life instances with an all-time appeal; which are sure to be a favorite read for all age groups. The reader has a choice of stories with life situations and thereby learn how a humble approach has helped the person handle the situation with grace and thereby happily embrace the outcome. Rendered in an easy narrative style, the stories are a sure way of connecting the reader to the situation and facilitate the character in each story find through the solution and thereby inculcate a realization that life if handled being humble, can make for simpler and easy living.

About Author

Ajit Nair is a qualified Chartered Accountant, based in Mumbai. Ajit has worked in various functions in reputed companies over the last twenty-five years. During his tenure in the industry, he had opportunities to experience various instances and has dealt with interesting people who were appealing and had alarming stories to share. This book is a genuine effort by Ajit to give life to those select stories that had a positive impact. This book is his attempt to play a squirrel’s role in this gigantic task of letting people know how being humble helps in overcoming all situations with a positive mindset.

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