Els Orfés

part 1

Genre : ,

Author : 1811

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Els Orfés


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Leren’s sacrifice has ensured Zakua’s activities come to a halt. But, his return is probable if he is not stopped, and it will be havoc once again. If so, this time, it will be the end of the entirety. On the celestial body Céu which orbits Oqaxazi, Arka, the god himself, as he can’t kill Zakua, needed one to do the job on his behalf, to execute his plan. But, who will it be? Out of a kabillion galaxies and gazillion planets, who will make it?
Why would someone leave their home planet to help Arka? Even if someone does, how will it be to become skilful to defeat the evil heads?
Will it really suffice?

About Author

1811 is the alter ego of Ashutosh. It is the gasoline of the crude Ashutosh. Ashutosh is from Hyderabad, often says that he reps 5k28, the area code of his. As a kid, Ashutosh believed that he could reach people’s neurons through his works. And, he believes that there is no better way than a book. Ashutosh credits hip hop music for the birth of his alter egos, and 1811 is out of an unfinished rap-work of his.

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