Down in the Garden : & other short stories

Genre : ,

Author : Suhani Rathi

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : December 2019


Down in the Garden : & other short stories


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Down in the garden is the poet’s perspective of a world that can be, if we, wake up and with awareness, build it each day. She seems to navigate seamlessly and naturally between different elements of nature, rendering a voice to the living and non living, sharing with the reader with a fresh delightfulness the beauty she sees in them all.
There is a dreamy texture to some of the poems as she slips away into her own little version of fantasy and the many joys simple things bring. As she meanders through hope and dreams, love and friendship, laughter and some deep questions….she quietly strums the reader’s feelings ever so gently.

About Author

Suhani Rathi is a fun-loving teenager, who enjoys a good book and hot chocolate on a rainy day. She took to writing at the early age of ten, inspired by nature and the people around her.
According to her, writing is an engaging and deeply personal medium for expressing ones thoughts. She believes that young people should find their own voice of expression, be it through music, poetry or any creative expression.

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