Divided Destinies

Genre : ,

Author : Aparna Suresh

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Divided Destinies


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“Arya, the past is better left in the past. It’s useless to go looking at the past for any answers. You won’t find them.”
Those were her mother’s words of warning when Arya told her about her plans to visit India. But how can Arya refuse to go when her father asks her to? With the help of her father’s friend, Group Captain Raghuvir Singh, Arya begins unravelling the mystery behind her father’s strange request. What awaits Arya at the end of the journey? Why has her father sent her to India now? And why was her mother so upset about her going? Arya journeys into the past, but here in the present, other discoveries wait for her — if she chooses to see them.

About Author

Having lived in beautiful cities like Fort Cochin and Dubai, Aparna Suresh currently resides in Bangalore, the Garden City of India. Her first book, Ordinary Lives, was published by Leadstart Publishers in December 2013. When she isn’t writing, she is busy running her recruitment firm. Home is with her entrepreneur husband, Jerry, and their two teenage children — Dhruv and Diya.

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