Author : Rakhi R Wadhwani

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 6 August 2019




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Cybercrime is a relatively new concern for all of us. As the number of computer owners connected to the internet increases, so too does the opportunity for cybercrime. To fully understand the development of cybercrime one must study the language and culture ofthe internet as well as the pathways that connect users from around the world. This book describes the types of crime generally committed via a computer and the internet. The author deems this knowledge essential to combat the recent surge in internet-related offences. This book begins with the history of cybercrime and relates these to how cybercrime threatens the security of internet users. The stated objective of this book is to give readers a basic understanding of this issue. Though it is full of technical information, its writing style is clear and concise and will not confuse readers with long and unnecessary passages or terminology. Cyberish is made up of various chapters that outline the types and frequencies of various computer crimes currently being committed and the impact that these crimes will likely have in the future. Chapter titles include Cyber-pornography, Identity Theft, Hacking, and Criminal Justice and Cyberspace. Each chapter begins with an explanation of its title and how it applies to the book’s overall objective. The author suggests that future efforts should be undertaken to safeguard the information that is frequently stored on electronic media. Overall, this book is designed for every individual who is looking for a quick introduction to the topic of computer crime. It takes basic subtopics of cybercrime and explains them in non-technical, layman’s terms. It is small and easily understandable, so its readers will be able to use and reference it whenever needed.

About Author

Rakhi R Wadhwani is an information security, privacy, risk and compliance consultant.
Information is a critical business asset, and businesses must ensure that it is accurate, appropriately safeguarded and available only to those authorized to use it.
Information assurance and compliance programs must be built and implemented using a business-oriented approach to be most successful and effective. These programs help organizations comply with an ever-increasing number of national and international laws and regulations, encourage IT departments to communicate and work harmoniously with other business units, minimize risks to sensitive company and personal information, and make personnel aware of how to work more effectively while safeguarding information.
She is an Associate Member of National Cyber Safety and Security Standards, Certified Information Security Consultant (CISC), Certified Professional Forensic Analyst (CPFA) and Certified Professional Hacker (CPHNxG) and also Associate Editor in Digital 4n6 Journal
Her skills and know-how encompass Information risk management and compliance, Security controls, Compliance and Technical audits, Business Continuity Management, Vulnerability Management and Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention.Her articles are published in various magazines, leading newspaper and technical blogs.
She can be invited for delivering session on Information Security, Social Media etc.

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Twitter: @AcademiicArista


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