Cupid from the East

Genre :

Author : Dipti Naik

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : December 2020


Cupid from the East


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Loss of parents at an early age. Growing up with Aunt Paula has made Susan grow up early for her age. She longs for a family of her own. A happy marriage- forever. She is hence, devastated by the short affair with Harry. Who has made her feel so special. Susan runs away to a far-off destination under the pretence of her work, with an NGO. The alien land India allows her to be surrounded by loving people. Her colleague and newfound friend Jia.Susan’s perspectives on life see a sea change through her routine interactions and chats with Jia. Her life is again shaken up by Danny Brown the CEO of Sportz INC, their project’s prime sponsor. “Is he just being a good friend or trying to be more? Why?” these questions haunt Susan. With coincidences that seem unreal. Susan believes in the sanctity of marriage and does not want anything to do with flings. Susan and Jia travel across rural western India for the implementation of the project. Danny follows them on a weekend to spend more time with Susan. Their jobs keep them separated for weeks together giving her the time she needs to think. He saves Susan and Jia from an attack and nurtures Susan back to health. Just when Susan makes up her mind, her dreams are shattered, by the outburst of Danny’s ex-girlfriend Savitri. Heartbroken once again as she finds herself in a similar situation. Susan’s natural response of flight takes her back to her country. But will Danny give up so easily? How will he get her back? Will the year end, mark a new beginning ?

About the Author

Born in Mumbai, India. A Postgraduate in Biochemistry and Business Management, she has spearheaded organizations as Business Head in the Medical Communications arena for well over two decades. In early 2020 she decided to step back from her role as a Vice President to focus on her family (two beautiful daughters aged 19 and 11 and a loving husband) and to pursue her creative aspirations as well. Publishing this novel penned almost a decade ago has become her immediate mission. As an avid blogger, her blogs depict her life’s learnings in an engaging storytelling format. (www. ) Her professional journey continues as a Consultant, making positive changes to people’s lives and businesses. Other than her pride in Indian values and culture, women empowerment is another area close to her heart.



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