Cosmology and Consciousness: A Comparative Study of Hindu Metaphysics and Physics

Author : Dr. H K Suhas

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Cosmology and Consciousness: A Comparative Study of Hindu Metaphysics and Physics


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In whatever way one looks at the current state of Cosmology and Consciousness, one cannot deny that Science is inching intriguingly close to the Hindu view of the Cosmos and Consciousness as put forth or visualized by our sages meditating upon the mystery of life.

Classic examples of Indian knowledge System is the practice of newly married couple sighting the Arundhati and Vashista Stars in the sky and seek their blessings to lead a life without anyone dominating the other. In traditional Indian astronomy, pair of Alcor and Mizar in constellation Ursa Major is known as Arundhati and Vashista. In most twin stars system, one star is stationary and other rotates around it, while Arundhati and Vashishtha both rotate in synchrony. To tell that both husband and wife must do all things in sync and that husband must not rotate around the wife or wife should not dance to the tune of her husband, this ritual was made a part of the marriage ceremony. The greatness of our ancestors/scholars was that they could know that such a twin star system exists much before the discovery of the telescope.

The question that is to be asked is, “How did our ancestors/scholars come to know of the existence of such a pair of Stars that rotated about each other?” The entire Indian knowledge system has such revelations not only about the Cosmos but also about the Ayurveda medicine, mathematics, building construction technology as is seen in the large temples complexes in India and also in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Therefore the statement that the ancient Indian scholars did not have a scientific grounding is definitely more an outcome of imperialistic supremacy which was sustained and encouraged by Indians who had a vested interest in following such a path. In fact, Hindu Philosophy is the only philosophy that gives you the freedom to question even the existence of God. This is considered blasphemy in other philosophies/religions!

About Author

The author has a PhD in Aeronautics and had been reading books on various religions and philosophies, as a hobby, more with an interest to know and understand the similarities of thought processes. He has read books by Theosophists and great thinkers and writers trying to understand the convergence of thoughts and the way the societies progress with in the ambit of religious conditioning. The interaction between science and religion has made the writing of this manuscript possible.
He has travelled widely to many countries like Russia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, England, USA, Korea, Singapore and Afghanistan as member of the delegation and interacted with different people. This has been very helpful in understanding different cultural values and getting also the different perceptions and viewpoints about political affairs.
He retired as Deputy Director General from Government of India in 2008.

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