Confessions Of A Workoholic

Author : Priyanka Varma

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : February 2020


Confessions Of A Workoholic


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Addictions arise from feelings of inability to cope with a new environment or situation in one’s life. The repetitive feature of rewarding yourself with that substance or being in a certain environment directly effects the rewards, reinforcement and memory systems of your brain. Thus, you feel happy.

For Mishka, it was a case of acceptance. Having grown up in a very protected environment, with her parents closely guarding and nurturing her, work was like a marriage of sorts for her.

It was a new relationship, a new kind of belonging and for the first time ever, she was needed rather than being the needy one. Her boss and her collegues at work were literally clinging onto her with their requests and she had become n intricate part of this ongoing, linear network that created professionals out of amateurs.

So the more and more her work was appreciated, the more she was sucked into this volcano of talent that made her match-upto the world’s standards.

She was celebrated, she was wanted, she became strong and her skill-set grew in leaps and bounds.

Then came a new tide in her life, that seemed to wash-off her senses and shook up the very bearings that she had begun to form in her professional career. This new tide was a successful lawyer by the name of Amrik Singh Gogia.

Was he going to sweep her off her feet and let the waves of growth and accolades cloak the shores of her success? Was he going to stand-by and let her experience it? Or was he going to step-aside and let her experience it on her own, alone?

Confessions of a Workoholic, is a journey of a young women that felt discouraged at the mere thought of bargaining her way through a successful career, through the vehicle of 5 letters that she writes to her father on a journey of discovery, self-worth and growth.

Priyanka Varma

Priyanka Varma is a graduate of University Of Western Ontario, Toronto, Canada. She has lived in India, Middle East and Canada in her lifetime. She has done her schooling from Sacred Heart
– Jamshedpur, Indian School Muscat – Oman and Milliken Mills High School – Canada.

In addition to her ferver for writing, she is a trained finance professional. She has worked for leading organizations such as Astral Media and Union Bank Of Switzerland in Toronto as
an analyst.

Her first novel, The Rite To Love, was pubished in November of 2015. It was based on her observations on a live-in relationship with a backdrop of morsels of being married. Contrasting the two with the barometer of being accepted. She has also blogged for TOI (Times of India), published her book of poems, Genesis, in 2015 and is also in process of publishing her second book of poems, Enshrined, in memory of her late father, Manu Varma. During her high school years, she has volunteered for Women’s College Hospital (Toronto) to raise awareness on post-partem care for women, Red Cross Canada and worked for a campaign called ‘Rest Up- Save Your Neck’ carried out by Insurance Bureau of Canada to raise awareness on injuries caused due to improper head-rest positioning in vehicles. She has also mentored troubled children for a program called ‘Stand By Me’ in London, Ontario (Canada) in university.

Her hobbies include reading (voraciously, she devours any narrative with a consequence), swimming (lives for that first dive in the pool after long, morose winters), writing ( thinks its
the best way to express your most impertinent understanding of the world) and cooking (validates the fascinating correlation between recipes and the ways in which they seduce all the
five senses).

Currently, and infinitely ever, relishing in the realm of motherhood. She is a mom to her 7 year-old, daughter named Aanya. In the future, she would like to publish more books. Professionaly,
she is working as an accounts payable specialist with an MNC.

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