Cashmere Diaries

Silken weaves of enchanting amorous verses

Genre :

Author : Multiple authors- Gitanjali Kapoor, Baishali Deb, Japjit Kaur, Jeanette D'Souza, Jeni Ayn, Nirupama Jayaram, Reema Ghosh Majumdar, Ritu Sharma, Seema Joglekar, Sujitha Sukumaran,Sumana Chakraborty, Yogita Jadhav

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : September 2020


Cashmere Diaries


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“Cashmere Diaries” is a blend of enchanted amorous desires, nights of longing and moonful of Love chimes by 12 Gorgeous Indian Ladies. These beautiful poets have woven a balmy tapestry of Poems that’ll leave you craving for more.

When beautiful female Poets get together to pen on Love and Dreams, you’re sure to find words draped in cashmere and silken weaves.
Come have a rendezvous with your own cocooned feelings, fantasies and nostalgic love yearnings through Cashmere Diaries.

About the Author

They are 12 gorgeous women from different aspects of life who weave words that leave their readers bewitched and enchanted. These poetess belong to the beautiful country India



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