Butterflies In My Jar

Genre :

Author : Swati Singh Sambyal

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : January 2021


Butterflies In My Jar


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Butterflies In My Jar is a collection of 74 short poems that will take you on a journey − a journey to wilderness, places you longed to travel and did; deep diving into the heart and soul; and touching upon heavier things.

About the Author

Swati is a poetess and a wanderess at heart. Poetry is a channel for her to connect with her inner-self and to better understand the outer realms.

Most of these poems were written when she was travelling to far-off lands or when a feeling or an emotion burdened her − the poem was thus the outcome of the release of that sentiment.

She is the published author of Painted, a collection of 43 poems and has contributed to many anthologies. She is also a minimalist.

She currently lives in Delhi with her companion and best friend Vaibhav, in a little apartment facing a huge Bombax (semal) tree.



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