Born Under A Lucky Star

Genre :

Author : Vishal D.

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : Jan 2020


Born Under A Lucky Star


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“How important a dream is to you?
Important enough for you to take an unexpected journey for it?

This is a story of Vivan Kashyap, a boy with a dream, who is sent on a surprising journey of life when he is tossed out of his own house, as a result of a mistake committed by him. However, following a dream isn’t a mistake. His purported perfect life turns upside down in no time, shattering his only dream.
And then begins the series of Nightmares, which haunts him. They give him sleepless nights. However, there is a nightmare, which occurs a couple of times. And, even though dreams are forgotten when awaked, this particular nightmare is remembered perfectly clear by him.

While leaving with a broken dream and nightmares, Vivan gets attracted to Poonam. He finds that it isn’t just love, which draws him towards her. Whereas it is a connection, a deep long-forgotten connection, which ties them together.

Born Under A Lucky Star is a story about love, friendship, dream, and parent-children relationship.

This is a journey of Vivan Kashyap. A journey where he finds that he isn’t the only star-crossed. A journey to find what is lost. A journey to walk blindly on God’s path. And, a journey towards Hope.

Vishal D.

“Vishal D. was born on 27th May 1993 and has completed his MBA in Marketing from Mumbai University. He now works in a prominent Real Estate company.

While pursuing his MBA, Vishal came up with an idea which transformed into a concept and concept finally into a story. And then a story into his dream. He believes idea does not generate from random thoughts. Whereas it is born from thoughts which we see in society and the things we want to change for good.

Vishal is very passionate about history, mythology, suspense, and psychology. He likes to find the true meaning of life and its beauty from religions. He lives in Mumbai with
his family.”

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 2.5 in


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