Beyond Dark Nights

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Author : Satyajeet Mujgule

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Beyond Dark Nights


Everyone is deeming in pain. Everyone has related their life to an understanding great success has a wait. Few of them experienced but not lived it. Why they selected to cross those restless nights, fight the evil inside and rely on soft mind that connected each other with their relationship. Who they belonged to care a lot about each other? What made them together every time even if situation made them against? What was the reason behind their pain, behind their long restless nights? Why they hoped each other to take out the jacket of misunderstanding? Why they ran away from the truth and lived a life that took the pain away. The book is the reveal of every characters pain and reveals the flowing part of the suspense. Aback were the rumours, they abandon their growing personal wishes and abdicated their fame and sacrifices desires. They never let them aberration. With their acute brains, they knew they can’t achieve a winning sight. But they acquit they had legendary brains. It was wiser, no one adores each of them and admonished responsible. They ran. They starved, made things easier and solved misunderstandings that felt adjure never exhausted in their brain. It was kept by the conditional access in the knocks in their relationships. The aflame fire was their anger. Truth afloat on the circumstances every time but was invisible. Why were they not affable? But they had brilliant scientific intentions to live in order to cross their long restless nights beyond.

About Author

Satyajeet Mujgule is an electronics bachelor educated with doses of stories and studied with included English Literature.

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