Reasons Define.

Genre :

Author : Ami Parekh

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : January 2021




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is a compulsive search to look within and find answers. We are generally lost behind the apathy of our own laid cobwebs. Our illusions go beyond the layers of natural thinking and result in a million unanswered questions.

Under this thick dust, the mind is our own employee and we define its purpose to work for us in channeled directions. With a sensitive approach towards mental well-being, Because articulates positive thinking with creative reads and poetic expressions giving us meaningful takeaways. It captures a release of different moods with sheer optimism. It asserts on prudent lessons of various experiences and helps us to reach logical ends. An engaging read, this book brings an extraordinary feeling of happiness and  internal satisfaction.

About the Author

Ami was born in Mumbai, India. After graduating with award-winning honors of Commerical Arts, from the prestigious Nirmala Niketan Polytechnic; Ami moved to pursue a career in design & development for Educational Publishing.

On dual parenting roles towards her teenage son, she has grown to be a strong persona in her own individuality. Her enthusiasm is contagious and in this singlehood phase, she discovered her passion for the pen. She adorns creative writing and has been a part of various writing platforms. She has also curated poetry sessions on the Social Media handles.

‘Because’ is her debut novel. It depicts a slice of her life. Various moods and experiences of her journey have been captured in interesting reads with good takeaways for life. Follow Ami on | Instagram – Contact – E-mail :



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