As you Life it

Work as usual. Life as unusual

Genre :

Author : Ayon Banerjee

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : August 2020


As you Life it


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Time is a queer commodity that is reconstructed in memories and deconstructed in regrets as it goes by. Most of us sleepwalk through our youth in trying to win some kind of an identity . Then we stumble upon middle age & scramble to preserve that identity . And suddenly, standing at mid-point , we realize that somewhere in this medley of all the artificial races we were enlisting in, we have quietly let go of our greatness. Partly by default , partly by design. The first pangs of urgency hit us. We know this is no dress rehearsal. It is our own life that is gliding past. We straighten up and reach for it. And try to snare it on print. This book is Ayon’s attempt to capture his journey at intermission, narrated through a heterogeneous ensemble of his articles that take you through events, relationships, successes and failures which add up into the randomness of his life that he joins backwards into coherent stories.

Ayon Banerjee

Ayon Banerjee , an Asia Pacific Leader for a Fortune 100 Organization, is a keen observer of human nature who loves documenting his life and work as he goes along by collecting and connecting ideas . Over the years, Ayon’s articles have garnered a steady and diverse readership from around the world. This book is a heterogeneous ensemble of some of his articles. Like most bloggers, Ayon’s inspirations are scattered – from his own life to the lives of people he observes, the books he reads and the dots he loves to join in his spare time . Though these are all different posts written at different times, the common theme that perhaps links them, is that they all sit on overlapping boundaries of work and life – a narration of events, relationships, successes and failures which add up into the randomness of life that we all like to construct backwards into coherent stories. Ayon believes that at some point while you are reading this book, his story might intersect with yours, and make you reflect. And smile.










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