Are you Living before Dying?

A Life changing Fable by a IIMA Grad

Genre :

Author : Nagendra Biyani

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Are you Living before Dying?


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This is a story of a common middle-class man who represents millions in the country. A common man who struggles his entire life to live with a conviction that the struggle itself is life altogether.
A middle-class man who does not dare to nurture big aspirations and dreams. An ordinary man who lives on a day to day basis and feels assured that life will go on like this forever.
One night his life receives a big jolt with a dream. In that dream, he meets a guruji who unveils his future life. Guruji breaks his heart by a deadly truth that he is going to live for a year only. The common man is shattered. He is struck by this new revelation. He is not in a position to digest.
He is clueless. He is worried about his own life. He is worried about his family. He cursed his past; wherein he did not care a damn. He lost all the life without future. His agenda is unfinished.
He has no means; no resources. He has no feeling of his life. No memories; no experiences; no contentment.
He has no plans for the future. How to lead a balanced life? How to safeguard the family? Where to start? How can he fight death altogether?
He started exploring himself. He began to think about life. He, now, dearly wants to live his life fully. He is losing days in his miniature life very fast. He noticed the value of each day and the value of life for the first time.
Guruji guided him to balance short life in a fulfilling manner.
Gradually, he stopped worrying about death. He wanted his life to be meaningful; satisfied, fulfilled with contentment. He opened new vistas of life. He explored new avenues of life. He acquired new habits; discarded bad ones. He investigated the essence of life. He planned for his life. Ultimately, he got strengthened to aspire to defeat his own death!
Now he is prepared to lead an all-new life; if he gets a new lease of life.
We, all, generally don’t understand the value of life. We actually miss our life in the name of living on materialistic aspirations.
This is the case with all. The Protagonist displayed the journey of his miniature life and enlightens us about life itself! He questions us- Are you living before dying? The day to day struggles, the emotions, the commotions, feelings, pain, and pleasure are all displayed in this fable.
He represents us. He represents our life.

About Author

Nagendra K. Biyani is a Provincial Civil Servant in Andhra Pradesh. He is the Joint Director in Municipal Administration Department and has served in various capacities in Government of Andhra Pradesh. He is currently working with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Nagendra Biyani did his Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Andhra University. He completed his Post Graduate Programme from IIM, Ahmedabad. He authored two case studies that were registered at IIM, Ahmedabad. He spent a brief stint at famous Lyndon Johnson School of Public Policy, Austin at the USA.
Biyani has had an interest in writing since his student life. He has written several short stories in Telugu those were got published. He penned many articles that were published in vernacular daily. He published his first book Four Dimensions.
Biyani lives in Hyderabad and can be reached at and and on phone 9395360369.

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