Arc Asylum

Genre : ,

Author : Prateek Joshi

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : April 2021


Arc Asylum


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Can deep contemplation give rise to macabre visions? What happens to the attempts of resolving a deranged mind? Some men go through spirals of Decadence, spending years in the pursuit of the authentic, becoming obscure and absurd, finally losing the difference between real and unreal.


Exhausted with reasoning and self-reflection, with a subsequent lack of self-control breeds fear, permeating the surroundings. The road to Freedom, or so the narrator believed in until his own experiences begin to unhinge him.


The Journal of a man, alienated and occasionally delusional, trying to articulate a method to overcome the ephemeral only to severe ties with the present. Will he understand the deeper meaning of existence after being in limbo, wasting with his degenerating memories and desires?

About the Author

Prateek Joshi is a medical graduate from the University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He moves between words and their impractical aspects only to find himself stranded, placid only when poetry transfigures peculiarities between the pauses of breath.


A spade is a spade only when you are playing clear-headed. A dash into the obscure favors him, pushing for more into life, apparent and unmistakable.


His debut book was ‘Anatomy of a Self-Indulgent Moongazer’. Besides losing hours to reading books and writing poems, time given to his mushroom farm is spent well.



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