Ancient Cities of India

Author : Sayan Bhattacharya

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : March 2019


Ancient Cities of India


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The collection of stories in this book presents to you a graphic retelling of the rise and fall of some ancient cities of India. Packed with mythological tales and historical anecdotes each story lets you re-discover ancient India in a new light. Written in light story-telling fashion, the book will make you time-travel to the past to many mythical and imperial cities in different historical eras. Scattered across ancient undivided India and the subcontinent, each story traces a city of the past and how its destiny had unfolded over time. The stories in this book also present battle-scars, deluges and changing political scenarios, as well as the peaceful co-habitation and wonderful spread of religions, learning and culture. Tales of legendary kings, fierce warfare, spiritual leaders, foreign chroniclers and world travellers make these ancient cities come alive in this collection.

About Author

A post-graduate in English Literature from Kolkata, Sayan is an occasional author and a FinTech corporate trainer by profession. An avid traveller and reader, Sayan’s avocation is writing. Sayan has published two novels Friendship Calling in 2013 and A Case of Connections in 2016, both based on his true-life experiences. Sayan continues to write short stories on his blog and as a guest writer on other blogs. Sayan has a keen interest in Indian history and mythology and Ancient Cities of India is his first attempt at re-telling and writing based on history. Sayan can be reached on his email: and Twitter @Sayan74.

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