Anand V/S Anand

Genre : ,

Author : Sukumar Mandalika

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Anand V/S Anand


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Since the Stone Age, wars have been and are being fought. For the weak and poor, it is a war for survival. For the strong and wealthy, it is a war for more power and wealth. And, of course, there is one war simmering unabated since the time of Adam & Eve . . . Man v/s Woman!

Man feels superior to Woman. Woman finds Man overbearing. This then forms the genesis of a war that ends in nemesis for both.

The truth is that like night and day, pain and pleasure, man and woman are inseparable. If one is the song, the other is its very rhythm. If one is the stronger among the two, the other is the very secret of this strength. Lucky couples who realise this truth will find life a journey of joy. Others too blinded by their ego will remain on a path of pain.

The Anands are one such couple in love and at war too. Will they be lucky?

About Author

Sukumar Mandalika is an engineer by profession, with a lifetime of executive experience in private organisations. A writer by passion, he is unabashedly addicted to Indian and English movies and thoroughly enjoys reading English fiction in paperback. This is his second book to be published.

Happily married to homemaker Padmavathy who is the anchor of his life and closest friend, Sukumar lives in Madras aka Chennai. When not writing, he is busy adoring his screen idols Sean Connery, Sivaji Ganesan, N T Rama Rao and . . . Dev Anand!

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