An Eclipse of Yesteryear

Genre : ,

Author : Deepak Ranjan - Nitesh Kumar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


An Eclipse of Yesteryear


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2500 B.C. A conspiracy by the evil Chandaliyan turned the arena, where Flavius fought, into a deathbed. A deceitful blow of the sword from his enemy pierced Flavius’ chest. Murdering Flavius was part of the plan to set in motion another murder, that of his son Aryan. Alishan, the mother of Aryan, turned herself into a shield to save her son and managed to escape into the dense forest. Under the able guidance of Swami Brahmanand, Aryan grew to be strong, wise and intelligent. When his guru left him, Aryan was left with no definite goal but just prophecies, the first arriving in the form of Ritwi, the unimaginably captivating beauty. The eclipse of yesteryear had started taking its shape. Maybe Chandaliyan was aware of the consequence and because of his fear; his mind was conjuring the dark visions. Though he was being confronted with the truth, he wanted to ignore it. But how long could the clouds of yesteryear envelope the rays of truth? What exactly is the eclipse? Is it just a nightmare conceived only in dreams, as Chandaliyan believed? Or is there some secret to be unfolded with the incomplete love, an incomplete history that is yet to be written, marking the footsteps of those who believe in love, humanity and the Almighty!

About Author


Deepak Ranjan:
A resident of Bhubaneswar (Odisha), after pursuing his Master’s degree, Deepak shifted to Bangalore to begin his career in Wipro Technology. Currently, he is working with Mindtree Ltd. He spends his leisure time doing photography, sketching, reading spiritual books, writing screenplays and creating storyboards.

Deepak’s debut novel, Nights of the Velvet, was based on real-life characters and focused on true incidents. This is his second work of fiction. Nitesh Kumar: Being passionately related to the art and media world, after pursuing his graduation, Nitesh picked this field as his profession. With an interest in story writing, sketching and terracotta from his childhood days, he has continued to pursue the same. Nitesh initiated his first step independently working on his first short film followed by another short film, and a documentary film. Getting confident with the executed works as a nuclear director, he stepped into this glamorous world as an Assistant Director. He directed two promotional songs for Nights of the Velvet. Soon after that, he spread his creativity and imagination on paper with his first work of fiction, An Eclipse of Yesteryear.

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