Ambition + Confusion = Realization

Genre : ,

Author : Sriram A

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Ambition + Confusion = Realization


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Suresh suffers from a very serious disease, a desire to be successful. So, he sets about taking the GRE test and gets selected in TCS during campus placements. However, an innocuous ‘special class’ wreaks havoc on his decision making. Suresh decides to pursue an MBA and starts preparing for India’s toughest PG entrance exam, CAT. Does he crack CAT or crack himself? Why does he want to do an MBA in the first place? Is he happy about it or does he regret it? Even the ghostly Avatar, which travels with Suresh from education to employment, is fed up with his vacillating aspirations. By the end of it all, he probably rediscovers himself, only to say “if you are successful, you party, else you philosophize”.

About Author

“Sriram is an award-winning best-selling author, renowned for his writing abilities.” Well, apparently, the author of this book, Sriram, was dreaming while penning that sentence. In reality, he is one of the most amateur authors India has ever seen. He was working in IT, did MBA to work in Finance. Now that he is working in Finance, is doing what not, to work in IT. He doesn’t believe in spending much for mobiles but recently bought Apple iPhone X. He is a foodie but doesn’t like non-vegetarian. He loves driving but doesn’t like travelling. However, he is extremely clear about one thing, that he is confused!

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