All Things Wondrous and Mystical

Author : Sandhya Tenneti

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 08-11-2019


All Things Wondrous and Mystical


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It seemed like just another night in the Tenneti household. Little did anyone know that life was going to change forever for Arjun and his two siblings, Meera and Nikhil.

On that starry night, the three children found out about their role in an ancient prophecy…..

A long time ago, the Gods and the Demons were engaged in a bitter battle. While they finally decided to stop fighting, they refused to return the many valuable things they had stolen from each other. Among those was the beautiful, seven headed flying horse Uchchaihshravas. Brahma created three children with special powers that would, at the right time, find these prized possessions and return them to their rightful owners.

Now is the time.

Will Arjun, Meera and Nikhil be able to use their superpowers to find the magnificent Uchchaihshravas?

About Author

Sandhya Tenneti holds a Bsc (hons) in Business and Management Studies from the University of Bradford (UK), a Masters in International Studies from North Carolina State University (USA) and a MS in Energy Policy and Climate from Johns Hopkins University. She has been pursuing a career in the development sector both in the United States and in India. Passionate about writing since her childhood, she has written on mythology, crime and culture.

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