Author : Adtiya Mewati

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018




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Despite being raised to hate her own existence, Sayra Green found love after she met Aaron and his family. They gave her hope in a world where everyone is segregated as worthy and unworthy. They made her feel safe in a dystopian era where beasts prowl the land, and there are only a few walls to keep them out.
Now, after turning seventeen, Sayra commits an act which sets in motion an event that starts affecting many lives, and with things going from bad to worse, can she save the people who once saved her?

About Author

Aditya Mewati always enjoyed storytelling. As a child, he would draw comic strips with simple stories to be read by his siblings and parents. It was not until he turned eighteen and joined engineering that he decided to take writing seriously and started learning the craft. Being a big fan of Michael Crichton, Stephen King, and J.K Rowling, he likes to write fantasy, adventure, horror and science fiction stories populated with relatable characters. He likes to do a lot of things which include, reading, writing, watching shows and Japanese animations, and enjoying the company of his philosopher friends and entertaining family in his hometown in Thane, Maharashtra.
To find him on Facebook search @AdityaMewatiWrite.

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