A walk with a lion

Genre : ,

Author : Sanket Patel

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


A walk with a lion


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Shiv is the happiest person around, with one very beautiful, caring and loving girlfriend, and a bunch of naughtiest people like him as his friends. He is living his life at its best and there is nothing in his life that he misses.

However, all that is about to change when, for some unknown reason, he is thrown into the forest by a mysterious person. In the process of surviving through his time in the forest, he meets a lion, a talking lion, who helps him survive the journey. The lion tells him of the secret that the forest beholds and asks him to join him and be a part of a prophecy that entitles him to be the chosen one.

If Shiv decides to go with the lion, he will have to join him to some uncertain location, and if he decides not to, he can go back to his life and be the same he has always been. He can either learn all the secrets of the forest or stay unknown to all the secrets that the forest behold. All that happens to him later depends on the decision of his journey. Is he going to live some ordinary life like all ordinary people or is he going to be the chosen one by taking all the risks of his life and take the longest and the most dangerous walk of his life with a lion?

All that happens, now, stands on his decision.

About Author

Sanket is a big fan of cartoon and animation. He is often found watching Pixar and Disney Movies in his free time. With a keen interest in paintings and software, he is a kind of a creative geek who wants to make something out of his mind. He is an ordinary person with extraordinary visions to make anything possible and hence, is always lost in his own world of ideas that can change lives.

Sanket lives in Nadiad and has completed his graduation from Charusat. He currently works as a freelancer, develops and designs mobile, computer, and web applications for individuals and firms.

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