A Tryst with Mahakaal – The Ghost Who Never Died

Author : Tilak Dutta

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 9789388942836


A Tryst with Mahakaal – The Ghost Who Never Died


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Leela does not believe in fate, but when she is saved from political assassins by an ascetic, Mahakaal, he opens her mind to a new understanding of how destiny works.

While the Police are unable to find Mahakaal, he gradually emerges as a mysterious figure resembling the missing iconic leader Netaji Subhas Bose, who had allegedly lived out an undercover existence in India as one “Gumnami Baba”. This was a Saint who was never seen by almost anyone for three decades, and who always spoke to a chosen few visitors from behind a curtain.

Leela’s obsessive need to understand the Mahakaal mystery leads her to her mentor Bharat, who reasons that regardless of his true identity, Mahakaal is possibly an enigma holding the key to a saner existence. In choosing to follow his guidelines, both Leela and especially Bharat come into conflict with politicians of all hues. When India is subsequently pulled into a two front war, can Leela triumph over her destiny during her suicidal mission in the Himalayas?

About Author

Tilak Dutta is a graduate in Economics from St. Stephens College New Delhi, who has trained as a Film Maker and Screenwriter in India at the FTII Pune, and also at the SIU-C, USA. Subsequently he pursued a career in the Indian film industry as a film editor, screenplay writer and director.
In his private space he maintained his practice and learning of Indian classical music (Marga Sangeet). He also had an extended association with sitar Maestro Ravi Shankar, for whom he made “Shanti Dhwani”, a film based on the maestro’s meditative musical score.
Since 2013 he is based in Germany in the Northern Black Forest, where he has been experimenting with Holistic Retreats involving music and meditation.

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