A to Z of Happiness and Success

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Author : Dr.C.K.Kantiya

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : March 2021


A to Z of Happiness and Success


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Read this book and Unlock 121 Happiness & Success Mantras to

Discover Happiness and Success secrets.
Achieve Niche both in Personal and Professional life.
Find Inspiration and purpose of your life.
Handle tough times and people gracefully.
Maintain a work life balance.
Enjoy better relations and greater mental health.
Get organized, value time and become a great Leader.

About the Author

Dr CHIRANJIV KUMAR KANTIYA is a registered Psychologist from Rehabilitation Council of India, a Trainer by profession and RJ by passion. He has diversified work experience of 19 years in Sales, Training, Marketing, Administration, Software development, Event Management, Media, and Academics.

He is certified approved FM RJ AIR and certified National Trainer of JCI India. “CHIRANJIV” is a sports person, Marathon Runner, NCC Cadet, Computer Science Graduate, (Management, Psychology and Computer Science Post graduate) with a PhD in Applied Psychology. He has presented National and International Research papers in the field of Psychology and Education, written articles for Newspapers and Psychology Magazines. He has been actively involved in various social activities and has a clear vision to work with Children with Special needs. He has excellent Oratory skills with extensive training experience in Academics and Corporate.Industry



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