A Taste Of Love

Author : Kamlesh Ranjan

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : April 2021


A Taste Of Love


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‘I don’t think I should tell you this, but it seems like you have gained my trust. Today I dreamt about her, and it was not just a regular kind of dream, it was like an erotic dream. Oh my god, I’m feeling really shy,’ Siddhant is in his second year of graduation. Though he’s not the most intelligent and popular guy in BHU, he is just okay. He’s straightforward but confused, he enjoys life but cries sometimes, shy and sort of cool, he hates his okay life. But most importantly, he is waiting for his right time, the right time for career thinking, love, movies, dating, sex and growing up. For now, it’s just about his idiot friends, a ‘never founded’ crush, a weird family, some dark secrets, a shrink and of course, HER. But for how long? Standing with the crowd doesn’t make sense, so how do you stand out? How do you cope with the pain? How do you become spectacular from just O-K-A-Y?

About the Author

An entrepreneur, a techie, and a part-time philosopher, Kamlesh was born and raised in one of the oldest living city-Varanasi. An explorer of literatureand a degree holder of MBA and BCA, he has a poetic as well as a scientificbent of mind. Currently, he has completed English Journalism from IIMC, Delhi, and works as a Tech Journalist. When not engaged in writing, he can be foundindulging in culinary arts, Netflix, and digital gaming. For more updates, youcan follow him on Twitter (@ikamleshranjan) or Instagram (@ikamleshranjan)



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