A Little Braver, from Love, Delusion and, The Pain

Genre :

Author : Mehreen Syed

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : January 2021


A Little Braver, from Love, Delusion and, The Pain


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We all know if there is any misunderstood thing on earth, it is “”LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS””. Young people are misunderstanding this beautiful feeling as something that is not to be taken seriously. Consequently, people end up being heartbroken and give up on love, relationships, and life. Most young people are heartbroken. The main aim of this book is to help readers understand that it is not love that needs to be avoided but the person who has no understanding of love.

The focus of this book is the audience who are looking for love and are rebuilding their faith in relationships after a heartbreak. It is especially those people who need to realize it is necessary to move on from the wrong people to move forward in life. I am pretty sure this book is going to help because it shares something that most readers can relate to.

About the Author

Mehreen Syed is a young Kashmiri girl, an engineering graduate, author and a speaker. This is her first non-fiction work inspired by her experience of love, relationship and heartbreak. From a very young age, the author has been a keen observer of life and the happenings around and believed always in standing for the right. The author though being a confident and a bold person, felt a struggle of needing self-love at a certain stage of life The author believes that “you just never have to lose yourself in a process of loving someone else and self-love is the cure to your chaos”.Through this book, the author wants to help those who misunderstand love, because of being in a wrong relationship and the ones who are rebuilding their faith after a heartbreak.



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