A Garage Sale of Lovelorn Things

Genre :

Author : Shrutee Choudhary

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : March 2021


A Garage Sale of Lovelorn Things


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If you could spill your entire house out in the backyard, how many trinkets of memories would you really take back inside?

Through poems, I’ve decided to let go of feelings that burden me, and objects associated with them.

Through poems, I hope to declutter and heal, and to make space for better things to come.

About the Author

Shrutee Choudhary is an actor and a writer, based in Mumbai. She began writing as a child, in attempts to mimic the worlds she so often escaped into through various books. The poet in her, however, quite naturally leapt out as a teenager, and she has found an outlet through words ever since. She loves to tell stories, whether it is through her performance, travel or writing.

She has a mass following on Instagram. Follow her work on @shruteechoudhary



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