A Failure’s Love Story

"…but not a failure love story. It's all about love, career and life…"

Genre : ,

Author : Ranga

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


A Failure’s Love Story


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Snigdesh Dixit, part of a middle-class joint family, has an extreme ardor towards Pharmacy and completes his post-graduation. A wonderful job, provide service to the needy, lovely and happy future with his Gujarati girlfriend, Sukhanya, was all in his mind. Little was he aware that also had a big load of struggles to undergo. This struggled phase helped him to understand the real meaning of life, family and world. It becomes an arduous task for him to settle in his life and to tackle with two entirely different families against the money, castes, customs, cultures and traditions. How he sorts out the issues forms the rest of the story.

About Author

I’m Rangaiah Chituprolu, fortunately, the author of this book.
I’ve been a long time reader of English novels, primarily Chetan Bhagat’s, who has been my inspiration and motivation towards writing. A Failure’s Love Story is my first book. Being a perfect blend of the most immiscible things like family emotions, science, and social issues, I believe that this will be liked by all genre of the public. I have an M.Pharm tagged to my name. The entire story runs in the backdrop of Pharmacy which will be really fresh to the readers as it has some interesting scientific facts. It took me a couple of years to complete my story. My heart and soul traveled with every character of my story and I love all of them. Similar to the protagonist, I’m also a novice when it comes to writing. To be frank, I’m no ‘thing’ but every great author makes a start from this ‘thing’ and I am hoping this to be mine.

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