A Book of Odes

Genre : ,

Author : Nishi Kanta Sarkar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


A Book of Odes


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A Book of Odes is a replica of our social, political and cultural life which flashed upon the poet’s mind and he depicted the same as they appeared before him with the best of his abilities in a picturesque manner to win over the heart of the readers. We are living in a society, where morality has little place to prevail upon. This pained the poet much and he tried his best to depict through his creation- a society where people can lead a life with harmony, dignity and without debasement. Finally, if readers can enjoy reading the poems, the poet’s labor will be crowned with success.

About Author

N. K. Sarkar, the poet of the Odes is a devoted educationist and social worker who dedicated himself for the spread of education, especially in the rural areas, where the light of education ceased to exist due to the ignorance of the public thereof. He served as the principal of a renowned institution.

He published two poetry books named Birahe and Ami from the prestigious Dey’s publishing in 2007, which acquired much eminence among the readers.

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